Story of hope.

“In 1987, I was diagnosed with major depression. At that time, I was hospitalized as a nonfunctional person and was severely disabled. Now, fifteen years later, through diligent use of medication, therapy and support systems, I can share my story with you.

In the fall of 2000, I moved to Delaware knowing no one in the immediate area. As you can imagine, even the most well adjusted individual would find the transition hard. I found it especially difficult. When I discovered a listing for depression support groups in the newspaper I felt I had found a lifeline.

Through the MHA sponsored support groups, I have found friends, a support system, and doctors. Participating in groups and sharing with members experiencing the same feelings as me helped immensely, provided an emotional anchor, and helped me learn new coping skills.

I am now pursuing a life long goal of a Masters degree and I am enrolled as a full time student. As you may guess, this is an ambitious endeavor in light of my disability. Without the ongoing support group sponsored free of charge by the Mental Health Association, my support system would be severely crippled. My road to recovery continues and now I am co-facilitating one of the support groups. I am now looking towards the future as a more productive member of society, getting off disability, earning an income that will improve my quality of life, and serving as an advocate for mental health issues such as parity.

Your continued support of the Mental Health Association will be appreciated by all of us who benefit from these support groups. Treatment works!”