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Where do you turn when you hurt so badly, you don’t know what to do?  MHA is here to help, not just in this season of giving, but all year round.

One of our long-term supporters of MHA says, “Like many of you, I was raised in a family where mental illness was never discussed.  Thankfully, we were blessed with good friends who encouraged me to see help.  At the urging of a friend, I joined a MHA wellness group, a place to share experiences, speak the scary thoughts and worries locked in my head and build a support network.  Before long, I became a volunteer group facilitator.”

MHA has continued to conduct both live and virtual wellness groups, broadening the scope to encompass BIPOC and LGBTQ Groups, as well as Karaoke Night Group, in addition to our Depression, Anxiety and Survivors of Suicide for Grief and Healing Groups.  We offer a variety of suicide prevention trainings for youth and adults as well as live and virtual mental health conferences, virtual MHA Chats, Master Your Stress Training, Depression Screening Day, Peer Recovery Trainings and Certifications, Mental Health Court Peers, and much more.  We continue to advocate around the state for those experiencing mental health disorders and are here to provide resources to those in need.

Please consider donating to MHA at:

to help us continue this vital work. 

The Board and Staff wish you and your loved ones a safe, hopeful and peaceful holiday!

Staff Blogger: Roberta Fishgold, Development Manager, MHA

Roberta has a long work history with MHA after a career in the corporate world of Human Resources Management in NYC. She is enjoying the time with her MHA family, being able to have an impact on mental health awareness in addition to watching the agency evolve through the years. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and collecting inspirational quotes (which are hung all over her office)!