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Did you realize that art, whether simply observed as beauty or creating it yourself is a relaxing and inspiring activity that has many benefits for your mental health? We humans are more creative than we give ourselves credit for, and no special talent is needed to paint away those blues. Once you unleash that creativity, your inner artist will awaken, bringing you many unexpected benefits.

Creating art stimulates the release of dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter, which can help if you are battling anxiety or depression. It’s a wonderful form of self-expression which can make you feel focused, in control of your work and give you a sense of mastery and self-accomplishment once your project is completed. Painting puts you in touch with your inner child. Do you remember him/her?
While engaged in painting, you open the gate to the palette of awareness, where you can be focused, concentrating and fully present in this moment, just like when you were a child. Back then, nothing mattered more than simply having fun in the moment.

Painting leads you to be in a flow state, generating calmness which can help relieve stress. Expressing yourself through art can even be self-revealing, giving you a healthy outlet for expressing what can’t be said in words.

Join the Mental Health Association in Delaware as we launch our first “Paint Away the Blues” program on March 12, 2020 from 6:30-8:30 at Painting with a Twist, 1812 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE. Register on line at or simply visit us at to register not just for this program, but for our other upcoming events as well.

Why not get back in touch with the child inside you? Come out and meet new people, express the creativity you never knew you had, plus have a good time. Hope to see you there!!

MHA Blogger:Roberta Fishgold, Development Manager, MHA
Roberta has a long work history with MHA after a career in the corporate world of Human Resources Management in NYC. She is enjoying the time with her MHA family, being able to have an impact on mental health awareness in addition to watching the agency evolve through the years. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and collecting inspirational quotes (which are hung all over her office)!