The Home Stretch Series: Resilience in Military and Veteran Families (Virtual)

Military and veteran family life is dynamic and interrelated with its own experiences. Service members and their families face distinctive stressors in the numerous transitions they face. Even though many have the ability to manage and overcome transition difficulties, some military and veteran families may need additional support. Although military and veteran families may face more stressors, they often emerge stronger. Join us for this important discussion about resiliency in military and veteran families!

Course Learning Objectives
Resilience occurs in the face of adversity and is reflected in a family’s ability to bounce back after hardship. This webinar will assist families in learning more about:
1) Tools for building individual and family resilience,
2) Supporting connectedness through fostering nurturing and loving relationships,
3) Developing a shared method for checking in on one another’s emotional or stress status

Meet the Presenter
Monica Shockley-Porter
Community Relations Director, Dover Behavioral Health System
A native of Harrisburg, PA, Monica Shockley-Porter moved to Kent County, Delaware in January, 2019. Since her family relocated to Delaware, Monica has become actively involved with various non-profit and community based organizations. With over 20 years of combined experience in both human services and business development, Monica has been responsible for marketing, outreach and management of several programs during the course of her career. In her current role, Monica serves as Community Relations Director at Dover Behavioral Health System. Monica earned a BS in Criminal Justice from Savannah State University, Masters in Administration of Justice from the University of Louisville and Masters in Business Administration from Liberty University. She resides in Clayton with her husband and high school sweetheart, Justin (US Army retiree).