MHA Chats is a series of conversations we have with community partners, organizations, and individuals who are committed to improving mental wellness and access to resources. We encourage participants to interact with our guests in real-time as we chat with them about new initiatives, programs, and events. Please subscribe to our mailing list (to the right) so you do not miss these upcoming sessions. 

Hosted by Jason Coleman



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Disclaimer: The information provided in the MHA Chats Series is resource-related, and no official endorsement by Mental Health Association in Delaware for the information presented is intended or should be inferred.  Our goal is to provide the community with information and available resources so that each individual can make their own informed decision about what best promotes their own wellness.

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Join us on October 12th at 11:00am to 12:00pm with Emily Coggin Vera to discuss what we know so far about the effect of COVID on mental health and suicide, strategies for coping with COVID-related stress and other pandemic-related developments in the field. We will also be discussing community presentations on the topic and a new wellness group specifically for those suffering from pandemic-related difficulties.

PEACE Week Series (Understanding Mental Health Concerns, Mental Health & Peer Support, and Seniors and Mental Wellness)