Please join us for our virtual E-Racing the Blues Suicide Prevention Walk, Rehoboth style. If you can’t walk on the boardwalk, think boardwalk and the long-awaited spring. Please try to get out and walk during the weekend of May 1 & 2 to show support for May is Mental Health Month, suicide prevention, and/or to remember a loved one. Exercise, fresh air and connection are three essentials to help cope with the long-winded pandemic.

MHA supporter, Dave Garson, struggles with bipolar disorder. He says the following: “My best coping mechanism has been running. I started running as a stress-reliever with no speed or distance goals in mind. I love running outside on the road or in the woods and just being present. What started out as a simple de-stressor turned into me running three marathons and actually winning a 5K in my age group. But those accomplishments pale in comparison to the mental and physical release that I feel every time that I run. I encourage everyone to find that release whatever it is and do it without an end goal in mind. As another runner once said to me, there are no finish lines, just starting lines. Speaking of running, I am going to attempt to run every day in May in support of Mental Health Awareness Month and also to raise money for “Erasing the Blues” through MHAINDE. Please help me in my efforts by donating to my page.”

There is no participant fee, but registration is required. Please visit to sign up, donate and/or to create a team. All money raised goes towards funding our wellness groups, suicide prevention trainings, mental health conferences and to many more endeavors to try to end the stigma of mental health. Please walk with us to bring awareness to mental health and to help us to help others!

Staff Blogger: Roberta Fishgold, Development Manager, MHA

Roberta has a long work history with MHA after a career in the corporate world of Human Resources Management in NYC. She is enjoying the time with her MHA family, being able to have an impact on mental health awareness in addition to watching the agency evolve through the years. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and collecting inspirational quotes (which are hung all over her office)!