Planned Giving

A written will protects and distributes your assets following your death. It is the best means to ensure that your wishes are carried out. A percentage of your estate can be donated to MHA in DE.

Charitable Gift Annuity
This form of gift allows you to help the many people we serve here at MHA in DE while earning a guaranteed income from your gift. It also provides significant tax savings in the year the gift is made and in subsequent years as interest is paid to you.

Charitable Remainder Trust
You can donate an appreciated asset such as securities, bonds or real estate to MHA in DE. This method of giving avoids the capital gains tax which can make converting an asset to cash a very expensive process and it can provide a reliable source of interest income to you. Often this income is higher than what was being earned from the original investment.

For more information about donations, please contact Roberta Fishgold at 302-654-6833 or at