“I learned about the MHA Depression Support Groups after I had experienced a complete psychiatric meltdown. In a state of depression and despair, I was ready to try anything to feel better. It took every ounce of energy I had to attend a meeting. As it turns out, it may have been the best thing I ever did for myself.”

This is a quote from Mary (not her real name), a woman who attends one of our support groups for people with depression. When I am asked about the work we do at the Mental Health Association in Delaware (MHA), I often think of people like her.

Mary was homeless and jobless, in large part due to her illness – severe depression. Yes, depression is an illness just like heart disease, or cancer, or any other physical affliction. According to Mary, the experience of joining one of our support groups has been a life changing part of her journey. She has now found a home again, and is thriving in her new life. “Unlike my psychiatrist and therapist, my group participants knew what it was like to live with a mental illness. I no longer felt like I was alone. Today, I am working, and slowly putting my life back together. I never could have accomplished all that I have without the support of others who have been there! I can’t thank MHA enough!”

Fortunately for people like Mary, MHA is making a difference. For over 91 years, MHA has been providing support, education and advocacy. We now have 13 support groups, offer a variety of trainings, and continue to advocate for laws and policies that support those living with mental illness.

We are also continuing our vital work in the area of suicide prevention, this year focusing on our youth in middle schools, where suicides have tripled in the last three decades. All of this could not be accomplished without your support.

Your generous donation today will allow us to reach out to more people needing our help and continue to provide the life saving programs and services to those currently trying to find their way back to ‘normalcy,’ like Mary. I ask you to dig deeply into your pocket this year as we try to save so many lives at risk due to depression or other mental illness. Simply click here to donate online.