Please join us at the Delaware Theatre Company, 200 Water Street, Wilmington DE on July 13 from 7:30-9:30PM, as we welcome our Master of Ceremonies, Belynda Cleare, along with comics, Tommy Highland and Joel Xander Hobson. Your admission of $30 for the show includes complimentary desserts along with soft drinks and tea/coffee served during our intermission. Your registration and/or donation will support our mission to strengthen knowledge, resources, and support around mental health and advocacy. Here’s the link to register/donate to our “friendraiser”:


Humor can play a vital role in forming social bonds and releasing tension. Research shows that those who are drawn to humor, as a way of connecting to others or to support their own well-being, show traits of agreeableness and being open to experience. Being able to laugh helps make a difficult situation more bearable and eases tension. Experiencing humor together can help bring friends and family closer together. The social benefit of humor can diffuse a tense situation. Having a sense of humor can help people connect with like-minded people.

Do you know why your funny bone is called funny bone? Well, the first theory is that nerve pain arises when the nerve rubs against the humerus bone, which is a bone running from the shoulder to the elbow. The word humerus is a homophone of humorous. The two words sound alike, and since humorous means funny, the term funny bone has been used as a play on words. The second theory is that it feels funny when you hit that nerve. In any case, our Funny Bone show, will be sure to evoke HUMOR!

There are also links between humor and immune function and heart health. Laughter decreases anxiety and depression. The laughing Buddha is considered a symbol of happiness, abundance, contentment and well-being. Laughing buddhas are often kept in homes, restaurants, hotels and restaurants for positive energy and good luck. The Dalai Lama believes in the power of laughter to heal, energize, enable and inspire. There has even been an acceptance within the medical community using laughter as a valid treatment option. Laughter can make you feel happier. So, “C’mon Get Happy” and enjoy us for the show on July 13 at 7:30PM!

Staff Blogger: Roberta Fishgold, Development Manager

Roberta has a long work history with MHA after a career in the corporate world of Human Resources Management in NYC. She is enjoying the time with her MHA family, being able to have an impact on mental health awareness in addition to watching the agency evolve through the years. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and collecting inspirational quotes (which are hung all over her office)!