Emily Vera, LCSW – Executive Director

Jennifer Smolowitz, MPA – Assistant Director, Director of Suicide Prevention

Ismay Miller, SHRM-CP  Manager of Human Resources and Administration

Roberta Fishgold – Development Manager

Esther Hofknecht Curtis, MSM-HCA – Development Manager of Growth and Education

Jaycee Wendell – Suicide Prevention Specialist

Elizabeth Davis, PsyD – Associate Community Educator

Sydney Elliott – Support and Education Associate

Karen A. DiNardo – Director of Advocacy and Peer Training & Outreach

Nicole Perefege, JD – Manager of Peer Education Curriculum

Stephanie Reaves, MSW  Manager of Peer Education 

Derrick Turner Jr. – Peer Services Educator

Golda Duncan – Peer Services Educator

Sharece Sellem – Peer Services Educator 

Robert Davis – Technology and Vendor Liaison

Mollie Clupper – Communications and Support Specialist

Natalie Klaus-Rogers – Manager of Education for the Department of Corrections

Ryan Leonardo – DOC Peer Services Educator

Jason O’Connor – DOC Peer Services Educator

Gina Atencia – Manager of Mental Health Court Peer Team

Anthony Butz – Mental Health Court Peer Mentor

Tally Shinder – Mental Health Court Peer Mentor

Anthony Jackson – Mental Health Court Peer Mentor