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The Mental Health Association in Delaware promotes improved mental well being for all individuals and families in Delaware through education, support, and advocacy.

The Mental Health Association in Delaware (MHA) is a statewide, nonprofit organization founded in 1932 to promote mental health. MHA provides services throughout Delaware, and our focus is education, support and advocacy for mental health issues.

MHA is an affiliate of Mental Health America. With 240 affiliates, Mental Health America represents the largest and oldest voluntary citizen’s organization concerned with mental health and mental illness.

Mental illness is a major public health problem, with one in five Americans experiencing depression or anxiety disorders every year. This means more than 100,000 Delawareans, including children, are affected by these illnesses annually.

Depression, if left untreated, is as costly to the American economy as heart disease or AIDS. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the annual cost of depression in the United States is estimated to be $43.7 billion dollars in lost productivity, absenteeism, treatment cost and mortality.

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  • We are offering wellness groups virtually for those experiencing depression, anxiety, and loss of a loved one to suicide.  Please contact Rochelle Balan at rbalan@mhainde.org or Shynia Baldwin at (302) 597-8130 for more information.


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